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Is Microsuction better than Irrigation/syringing?

So, you or your loved ones are struggling with your ears, but, which method is ultimately better to rid yourself of problematic wax? We've narrowed this down to two choices, manual syringing was banned in 2014 so is no longer an option.

Irrigation uses a small water jet to clean out the ears under a set pressure. Microsuction uses a fine ended suction tip to remove the wax under a microscope.


Here are some reasons why microsuction is considered better than irrigation:

Precise and Controlled: Microsuction allows for more precise and controlled removal of ear wax compared to irrigation.

Less Risk of Damage: While irrigation can sometimes cause damage to the eardrum or the delicate structures of the ear, microsuction doesn't pose the same risks.

No Water Involved: Irrigation requires warm water to be introduced into the ear canal which can cause discomfort, dizziness, or infection. Microsuction doesn't use any water at all.

Comfortable Process: Microsuction is a much more comfortable, pain free process overall in comparison to Irrigation which can at times, be painful.

Fast Procedure: Microsuction is a quick procedure taking only a few minutes to get the job done compared to irrigation.

Less chance of a need to return: As microsuction is done under a microscope, much more specific wax removal can be achieved, ultimately minimising the need for a second or third visit which is far more common using Irrigation methods.

So, there we have it! Microsuction is an all-round better, safer, more comfortable option!

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